Grass for Pets

Do cats and dogs need grass?

Grass is a natural part of the diet of cats and dogs. For many pets it is normal for them to eat grass every day. Dogs seem unable to resist grazing a few strands if they come across the right stuff: soft, smooth, long, luscious grass found off the dog’s property. Owners need to ensure such grass has not been spayed. Grass growing close to or in fresh water seems to be the most highly desired, perhaps because of its high water content.

When they are sick, cats and dogs must have grass available because they have a very strong urge to eat it- it is part of the way they cope with sickness. Pets that have swallowed something they shouldn’t have, such as pieces of bone, eat grass and vomit the item back up. The reasons why cats and dogs eat grass are not at all well understood. They may include:

  • nutrition
  • digestion
  • cleaning teeth
  • soothing sore stomachs
  • removing internal parasites
  • inducing vomiting

Cat and dog owners should make sure they have long grass at home for their pets. Grass can be grown in an area of the garden or in a pot. You need to ensure the grassy area is not used as a toilet by pets (because long grass attracts this) or sprayed with weed killer. For these reasons, & to prevent it becoming a garden weed, pet grass is often best in a container.

A simple, immediate way to provide long grass for your pet is to find some long grass that hasn’t been sprayed, dig it up & put it in a pot with some soil (put stones & holes in the bottom of the pot so it doesn’t become waterlogged). Keep moist in a sunny spot. It is less tasty when it goes to seed so replace it if/when it does.