Tough Toys

Virtually Indestructible Dog Toys

Made with your pet’s safety in mind, these virtually indestructible toys will provide hours of fun and entertainment. The paw-zzle ball will weave and wobble around, your dog will go bonkers trying to extract the trapped inside ball from its hard, tough shell. The Tumbler ball is easy to throw and provides great interactive fun while the Virtually Indestructible Ball will exhaust even the most rambunxious pet. It will be the last toy your dog will ever need.


The Snappy Trainer is humane, safe and effective for training both cats and dogs. To train your pet out of unwanted behaviour such as chewing, getting at the rubbish bin, bolting through open doors, digging or stealing shoes. Or do you have a bench-surfing food thief on your hands?


    Virtually Indestructible dog toys


    Will not tear, break or burst